Are you looking for a visual way to help your students summarize and synthesize the plot of a novel, play, movie, poem, podcast, or article? Do you want them to be able to easily identify where each theme can be found? Do they need help making useful notes that will help them in the lead up to essays, tests, and exams?


This set of worksheets will help solve all of those crises. The circular design of the theme tracker wheel makes it easier for students to take notes on an entire chapter, act or text on just one page, making it really easy for them to study and revise the text prior to essays, tests, and exams. The colour-coded style of the wheel also makes it really easy for students to quickly note which themes are abundant and where they can be found when selecting the best quotes for their writing.



  • Chapters 1-30 (plus a blank number for any other needs)
  • Acts 1-5 (plus a blank number for any other needs)
  • A blank tracker where students can add their own title (such as poem or podcast titles).



  • To revise content of class text or choice reading
  • To encourage students to familiarise themselves with the text (especially reluctant readers)
  • To take notes during a podcast or movie
  • To decipher the meaning and themes of complex poems.



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