If you are looking to embed sustainable thinking into your English curriculum, look no further than this learning station task.


In this lesson, students will move around the room, completing a series of tasks that will provide background information for an article about plastic pollution. After the stations have been completed, and students have read the article, there are a series of English based questions about metaphors and other language features to be completed.



  • Student workbook (5 pre-reading stations and 7 post-reading questions)
  • Station task cards
  • Table labels


As a bonus, there is also a creative activity where students brainstorm ways one corporation can reduce its impact on our environment and create an advertisement for the corporation to use to inform buyers of their more sustainable changes.


This lesson accompanies this article: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/jun/09/recycling-plastic-crisis-oceans-pollution-corporate-responsibility.


I love using learning stations with my classes! By chunking the information for my kids, they never seem bored of learning and sometimes even ask to keep working on one particular activity at the end of the time limit.



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