Are you looking for digital lessons to teach the Australian Curriculum to your year 9 students? Do you want them to be able to easily access their work on Google Drive, OneDrive, or the Microsoft Suite? Do they need a print or digital workbook that steps them through five weeks' worth of work on Australia's legal system in an interesting and engaging way?


This unit of work will help solve all of those crises. It can be used in class, online, or as an individual printable work packet to send home!


Includes 70+ pages:

  • Digital student workbook
  • Digital student homework workbook
  • ‘Choose your own adventure’ homework matrix
  • How laws are made slideshow
  • The principles of our legal system slideshow
  • Applying laws in court slideshow
  • Hierarchy of courts slideshow
  • Challenges to justice slideshow
  • The role of juries slideshow
  • Assessment task sheet (assessing the quality of Australia’s legal system)
  • Assessment planning and drafting worksheets



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